Growing up in the midwest, his life’s journey brought him west to follow his passions for the outdoors. His diverse career paths have brought him throughout many of the western states, ultimately settling in Spokane, WA. Throughout these endeavors, he has developed a keen eye for operational efficiency and team optimization. Brandon has been in the DSP space since 2020 and has risen within the ranks, and was eventually hand picked for the oppurtunity of opening his very own company, Elevated Delivery Service. He is personable, professional, and detail-oriented. Brandon is a consummate manager of systems and a leader of people.

Jenna / HR director

Jenna is a native of Arizona and passionate about travel and the outdoors. Her love of the mountains and community ultimately landed her in the Spokane region. Jenna is our primary talent acquisition professional; and Director of the Human Resources department. She is driven to cultivate the success of others and thrives on building and being a part of the best. Her leadership has propelled her former DSP to be one of the top-rated in the network. We are humbled to have her onboard our team.

Kyra / HR Recruiter

Kyra has been a part of our team since Elevated Delivery Service opened for business. She contributes to our recruiting team in many ways and has helped build it to the team it is today. She is most likely one of the first voices you will hear – or faces you will see – when applying and interviewing to be a part of our team. She is a friendly, driven, and professional individual who will help make onboarding and hiring seamless for any driver. We are honored to have her work ethic and genuine personality on our team.

Stephanie / HR RECRUITER


Stephanie is considered our lead interview specialist. She will help answer your questions and make sure you understand all aspects of the position before you are through your interview. Her prior experience as a Delivery Associate for Elevated Delivery Service has given her first hand knowledge and experience when speaking to the position. She is a very empathetic and thorough leader who will spend the time needed with you to ensure your success as a Delivery Associate. We are grateful to have her professionalism and dedication to build the best team in the network!

Zeke / Operations Manager

Zeke / Fleet manager







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